Welcome to my web site. I have been building amplifiers for a number of years now and have three different models, one with two variations.

My amps are all hand-wired using circuit boards and Teflon wire. I use contemporary components with good results and my customers seem pleased with the amps.

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I'm an old Rock 'n' Roller (Mott's Men). I played Beatles tunes when they were current and saw them live at Shea Stadium in 1965. I like the tone of the older amps and build them to suit my ear.

The Winfield: A British style amp with a couple twists. It uses EL84s instead of the big bottles and has internally jumpered channels. Available in 5, 18 and 30 watt power ranges.

The Elizabeth: This is a Blackface style amp, with a similar preamp, but the mid-range control acts like a range expander as well.

The Cyclone: This is my answer to that other British amp from the 60's. It has an EF86 preamp, 12AX7 Phase inverter, two EL84s in Push=Pull configuration and a 5AR4 Rectifier. It's about 15 Watts, just like the one back then. It has Volume, Tone, Master Volume and Cut controls. As of August 1, 2011 all Cyclone sales are via Rainbow Guitars in Tucson, AZ.

The Typhoon: This is a single-ended true Class A amplifier. It is a unique amp in that is has an EF86 preamp tube, like the Cyclone, an extra gain stage and a single EL84 output stage. About 5 watts, it does clean to grind and everything in-between. It has 4 and 8 ohm outputs and a Heyboer Output transformer.

For all of my combos I offer WeberVST or Eminence speakers

Add the retail price of the speaker of your choice to the price of the amplifier.

Please Note: Effective September 1st 2012 there will be a price increase across the board. I haven’t raised prices in a couple years, but the way things are at present I am increasing prices of all items by $50.

Policy Change effective 5/6/2011 - If you decide the amp is not for you after a three day trial period, I will accept a return, but there will be a 25% restocking fee and you will be responsible for shipping both ways. Any damage will be deducted from the refund. Speaker cabinets are not subject to trial periods. They are considered a final sale.

Please note: If you touch the amp with a soldering iron or make any slight change to it without my okay, you own it.

NEW MODEL!!!  F5 Tornado

I have been asked for a more powerful version of the cyclone.  Here it is.

EF 86 preamp, 12AX7 Phase Inverter, Four EL84s

30 watts with a ½ power switch.  4, 8, 16 ohm outputs.  Huge sound!

Head only:  $1400 plus

Price increase effective July 1, 2014! Winfield Models: 5 Watt head: $850 18 Watt Head: $995 30 watt head: $1295 5 Watt 1-12" combo: $1050 with one Weber Silver Bell 5 watt 2-10" combo: $1100 with twin Eminence Legend 105 18 Watt 1-12" combo: $1295 with one Weber Silver Bell 18 watt 2-10" combo: $1350 with twin Eminence Legend 105 30 Watt 1-12" combo: $1495 with one Weber Silver Bell 30 watt 2-10" combo: $1545 with twin Eminence Legend 105 All prices plus shipping. Elizabeth Models: Head:$1200 Reverb Head: $1350 Combo: $1400 Reverb Combo:$1550 Deduct $20 from Combo if you desire the Eminence instead of the Weber. All prices plus shipping.

Winfield Amplifiers, LLC are now available at:

Rainbow Guitars
2550 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 325-3376