The Elizabeth

The Elizabeth returns. (Actually I never stopped making it!)

The Elizabeth was named after my dog who howled when I played. She is gone but the amp remains. It is based on the Blackface amps from the sixties with a few tweaks. The amp can take either 6L6 or 6V6 tubes after rebiasing to suit your needs.

Plenty of clean headroom and a snarl when needed, with or without reverb. A head or a one 12" combo. I prefer the Weber Ceramic California with aluminum dust cone in this amp, but it can also be had with an Eminence Legend 125.

Head:	$1200
Reverb Head: $1350
Combo: $1400
Reverb Combo: $1550

Deduct $20 from Combo if you desire the Eminence instead of the Weber.

All prices plus shipping